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Rock Medical Group is a full-service healthcare staffing agency in Omaha, Nebraska. Since our start in 2017, we have been on a mission to change healthcare from the inside out. We offer job placement opportunities nationwide for travel nurses and allied health professionals, as well as staffing solutions for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and other medical care settings.

Our dedication to building strong relationships is fundamental to our success. As we have grown and become one of the most recognizable and capable healthcare staffing agencies in the country, we have never lost sight of our original purpose–to provide exceptional outcomes for travelers, recruiters, and ultimately, the patients we serve.

As your choice healthcare staffing agency in the heart of Omaha, you can count on us to give you the support you need to achieve your goals. Whether you are a recruiter looking to join a fun and focused team, or a nurse or allied health professional looking to change career paths this year, we will help you make it happen! We offer the support, care, and courtesy you deserve, so you can perform at your best.

But don’t just take our word for it–according to a 2021 survey of allied health professionals that have worked with Rock Medical Group,

Over 86% of medical professionals were very satisfied or satisfied with their experience.

Click the link below to learn more about how Rock Medical Group originated and why heart and hustle is at the core of everything we do as a healthcare staffing agency.

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What is Your “Why?”

Job Placement

WHY do you do what you do? WHY do you want to travel? We want to know!

Knowing your “why” is how we ensure the right match between you and your recruiter, and ultimately, the right job for your needs. We know that when our travelers are happy, so are our recruiters–and so are we!

While you make money, gain experience, and grow your career, you will receive help from a professional recruiter every step of the way. As a tight-knit staffing agency, we take great stock in our travelers’ satisfaction. No problem is too small to bring to our attention and we firmly believe there is always a solution.

We are more than just a healthcare staffing agency–we offer the tools you need to be successful and the support needed to thrive. To help set you up for success, we always start with transparency. We value honesty at every turn and will never place you into a job unprepared or with the wrong set of expectations.

Ultimately, when you are set up with the right recruiter and the right job, patients benefit the most. With a keen focus on relationship building at the center of what we do, we consistently deliver on our promise to achieve better outcomes for all.

Find Your Next Job

We’re Hiring!

If you are a nurse or allied health professional, or an experienced medical recruiter looking to take the next big leap in your career, we want to hear from you! Apply to one of our current job openings now!

Supporting Your Success

Top-Notch Recruiters

Our high retention rate on our travel nurses is a direct result of the genuine relationships we build during recruitment. We work with the top recruiters in the nation to ensure a seamless transition for our travelers as they pursue various assignments and career paths.

Our focus on supporting our recruiters wholeheartedly allows us to provide our clients with a more consistent and reliable traveler experience. We know that with the right recruiters, we find the right travelers. This recruiter–first philosophy supports our ultimate goal–better patient care.

If you are eager to make a change in your career and work with a supportive team that is invested in your success, you will love working with Rock Medical Group! Click the link below to learn more about how we support our recruiters and how Rock Medical Group is different from any other healthcare staffing agency you have worked with before.

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