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Our Story

Rock Medical Group was built from the ground up by co-founders Loren Rock and Denise Stobbe. In 2017, the two best friends came together with a shoestring budget to create what has now become one of the most reputable healthcare recruitment agencies in Omaha, Nebraska.

During those early days of building an agency from scratch, Loren and Denise could never have imagined that Rock Medical Group would have grown so quickly.

Despite the sleepless nights and ever-growing challenges of a competitive business, Loren and Denise have never lost sight of their original vision. At the center of everything we do at Rock Medical Group, there is a focus on what matters most–building relationships and making connections.

We credit our substantial growth to our commitment to cultivating positive relationships that are built on our values of respect, responsiveness, and honesty. We focus on building bridges with travelers, recruiters, vendors, and those in the broader medical community to achieve one ultimate goal–better care for patients who need it the most.

Rock Medical Group is proud to make a difference in countless lives nationwide. We look forward to sustaining and multiplying our reach at a time when the medical community needs our help the most.

“Rock Medical Group has been such a great company to work for. Not only has this company shown me a new career but provided a wonderful support system along the way. Recruiting has been a new journey for me, and I have loved every minute of it.”
– Rachel Weis, Recruiter

“Working for Rock Medical Group was a very pleasant experience. Whenever I had questions or needed support, they were there! I look forward to working with them again!”
– Kyle Sinks, LPN

Our Values

Our focus on relationship-building, respect, honesty, and integrity are more than just core values–they are the fundamental principles upon which our company is founded.

When you work with us, we recognize you as an individual with unique goals and perspectives. Whether you are a nurse, recruiter, or healthcare system looking for talented staff members, our organization operates on principles that ensure the success of all those we work with.

Family Focused

Our family-first focus means we take into account the broader picture of those we connect with. We understand that work/life balance is critical for a productive and happy workforce, and that travelers often have personal responsibilities that draw them to the flexibility that traveling jobs provide.

If you are a traveler, we always seek to understand what brings you to us and why you are passionate about your profession. Once we understand the core of your intentions, we are able to fit you in a position that best suits your personality, goals, and preferences.

If you are a recruiter, we support you in sustaining work/life balance by providing flexibility when needed. At Rock Medical Group, we want everyone to live their best life–and we know that is only possible when you can live a life outside of work.

If you are a client or vendor partner, we explore the unique needs that bring you our way and work to find the best solutions. Our family focused philosophy means we consider the wellbeing of all those we serve, especially the patients that our vendors entrust our travelers to care for.


At the core of our success is our commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships. With strong relationships, we all succeed. We always seek to find the solution that will build a bridge. Whether we are negotiating with vendors, solving traveler concerns, or working in-house with our recruiters, we ensure that every member in the Rock Medical Group family knows their perspectives and needs are valued.


We empower travelers and recruiters to achieve the best possible outcomes through responsive communications and establishing trust. In conjunction with our owners and upper management, we provide the necessary support that recruiters and travelers need to be successful.

We firmly believe that there is a solution for every challenge. Ultimately, we set people up for success by providing the tools and resources necessary to make the most of every opportunity.


We empower our entire team through our commitment to honesty. When recruiters misrepresent job assignments to get a role filled quickly, travelers inevitably get the short end of the stick.

We strive to set our travelers up with the most realistic and honest expectations before any job assignment. Recruiters and travelers work together to find the right solutions and the right job to ensure the perfect fit. When we start each interaction with the spirit of transparency and partnership, everyone wins.

Loren and Denise, owners of RMG, working to be transparentr

“What I love most about working with Rock Medical Group is their willingness to go above and beyond for their employees. My recruiter always maintains open lines of communication and makes me feel at ease with any questions or concerns I have. If you are looking for a fulfilling career with diversity while maintaining healthy work relationships, Rock Medical Group is for you.”
– Kristen Tatum, LPN

Connect with Us

As we pursue our mission to become the gold standard in healthcare staffing and recruitment, we are always looking for top talent to place in difficult to fill positions nationwide. We also seek to partner with experienced medical recruiters that are passionate, focused, and eager to work in a fast-paced environment with a supportive and fun team.

If you connect with our values and want to learn more about Rock Medical Group, give us a call directly at 531-444-5549 or fill out our contact form on our Contact Page.

Rock Medical Group
Rock Medical Group